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A “Real” Crop Circle

Crop circles are a rarity in the Midlands area, so when a beautiful example appeared in a Worcestershire wheat field I had to investigate.

It was impressive alright, but its existence isn't such a mystery given its location and its design.

This is an exact replica of the multi-circle design that featured on the cover of the 1990 Remasters box set by legendary English rock band Led Zeppelin. It lies in a field on the edge of the village of Rushock, and the parish church looks out over it. Led Zeppelin drummer John Bonham lies at rest in the churchyard there.

I have no idea how these art installations are created, but from walking along the formation I had a good look at the details. The wheat stalks are bent down flat, not broken, and the flattened surface is incredibly uniform. I'm told the wheat will slowly rise back to its original form with little damage to the crop, providing visitors don't trample around it. Whoever did this knew their stuff! They must have worked as a fair sized team as the piece is huge, and to keep the air of mystery they would have worked quickly to get it done before daybreak.

I suspect the landowner might have been in on this one, as a steady trickle of visitors came and went while I was there with no hindrance. If you do visit a crop circle please respect the crops themselves and always follow the access paths, after checking if it's permitted to enter.

A truly impressive tribute to a rock legend, I'm sure "Bonzo" would heartily approve of this fusion of nature and art.

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