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Coming Soon - Weird Britain TV Show

I've just finished filming as a guest on the second series of the TV show Weird Britain! You can see series 1 now on Blaze TV on Freesat channel 162 before it moves to the Sky History Channel later. This latest season should appear towards the end of the year but I'll make sure you know about it when it does!

This has been a lot of fun and a fantastic opportunity to showcase some of the stranger places of the Midlands to a wider audience, some of which you'll already have seen on this page. Presenter Andy McGrath already has a strong pedigree through his books investigating cryptozoology and his Beastly Theories podcast while the film crew from Dragonfly Film and Television Productions were fantastic.

Weird Britain on Freesat 162 Blaze TV or the Blaze TV website - watch this space for more announcements!

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