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Megaliths of the Borderlands

Bending the rules a little as this is just a mile or so across the border into Wales, but I couldn't resist taking a look as I was passing.

This is a stone circle known as the Four Stones, previously thought to be the remains of a Neolithic chambered tomb but now known to have been laid out as a set of megaliths. This "four poster" arrangement is very rare with most other examples to be found in Scotland.

The usual folklore tales surround the Four Stones, that they are four kings turned to stone by the devil and that at midnight they wobble across the fields to drink from the Knobley Brook nearby.

Laid out equally as they are, the Four Stones would make an ideal site for modern reconstructed pagan ceremonies, with each menhir nominated as a cardinal point - if the location was not mere feet from a road and a busy farm!

A lesser-known megalithic site worth veering off the beaten track for, northwest of Kington.

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