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Old Mercia Comes to Life

The town of Tamworth was the seat of Mercian power during much of the Anglo-Saxon era, used by Offa and the Lady Æthelflaed as a royal residence. Charters were signed here, and so today I travelled to Tamworth to experience a procession ending in the reenactment of such an event at St Editha's Church.

Regia Anglorum and Thegns of Mercia sent an impressive combined force of re-enactors, led by "Offa" and his family all mounted on bay chargers. Every one of these folks was turned out in historically accurate clothing and kit, from nobles of the elite through to monks and men-at-arms. This was Offa's royal retinue and they portrayed the roles wonderfully - and noisily!

It's been a long time since the sounds of rowdy warriors bellowing out the name of their king echoed around a Tamworth church, but it gave a sense of how Mercian men-at-arms regarded their lord and was a fitting end to the charter signing ceremony.

Wreaths were also laid at the statue of Lady Æthelflaed at the foot of the castle mound by the Mayor of Tamworth and the Lord Lieutenant of Staffordshire. This commemorated her establishment of the town as her capital and her work in removing the Danes from the area.

There is no mystery here today - the folk of Mercia should be proud of this history and heritage. Here's a selection of some of the pictures I was able to take today.

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