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The Brand End Stone - A Forgotten Menhir

Mysterious standing stones lie hidden and half-forgotten in the more remote regions of the Midlands. This one stands on a mound near a long abandoned farmhouse in the Derbyshire Peak District, near the town of Buxton.

Known only as the Brand End Stone, named after the cluster of collapsed old buildings nearby, it stands just over 2 metres tall. It's possible that it once formed part of a circle, or an even earlier dolmen, as there are a couple of large stones in a nearby wall, one of them holed. Having said that, it could just as easily have been a menhir in its own right, standing here for some reason lost to us now after thousands of years.

The menhir aligns very roughly with other strange stones and mounds along the route of the Dove river, so who knows?

I explore some of the stranger parts of the Peak District in my books The Mystery Of Mercia volumes I and II, available at

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